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EnergyBookshelf brings you reviews on the latest and most important energy books and publications together with industry insights on global energy issues.


Our aim is to help you build your own comprehensive energy reading lists and library on energy topics that matter to you – whether your involved in the energy sector, new to the industry or simply interested in understanding the current world energy scene.

All our books, publications and event recommendations are carefully selected. Any books featured have been vetted by our leading energy experts, and our blogs and reviews are our own views.

Energy issues especially energy policy and climate change – both of which feature heavily in EnergyBookshelf – provoke increasingly polarized debate. We do not attempt to take a position on one side or another of these debates, but try to present our group members and readers with a balanced view of the most important new releases and must read published books on key energy topics.

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EnergyBookshelf promotes knowledge, sharing and debate you can join in via our social media groups – allowing you to share your views on reviewed books and blogs, here about the reading lists of leading guest reviewers from industry, energy and politics, and also recommend books of your own to be included in our regular reviews and the main EnergyBookshelf library.

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EnergyBookshelf Publishing

Over the coming months we will be publishing our own energy related titles, both as physical books and as ebooks. We are always keen to discuss new publishing ideas so please Click here if you have ideas for an energy-related book you would like us to consider.