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The Revolution will spread…

Back in 1973 oil accounted for around half of world energy consumption, but now amounts to only about a third. But we are still very dependent on oil. Every ten dollars of world economic output requires something over a pint of oil to make it happen. And however optimistic one is about electric cars and… Read more »

The Planet Remade

Time to take geo-engineering seriously?

Geo-engineering approaches to tackling climate change range have an element of science fiction about them: giant reflectors in space, enormous machines to suck carbon dioxide out of the air etc. – although admittedly some are less fantastical, such as schemes for returning carbon to the ground as biochar. Should such approaches be taken seriously, or… Read more »

Natural Gas as an Instrument of Russian Foreign Policy Ion Iftimie

Putin’s Gas Weapon

With the West’s relations with Russia at their lowest point since the end of the Cold War, worries about Europe’s reliance on Russian gas have again come to the fore. Russian gas makes up around 25% of EU gas supplies overall, but the dependence of some countries is much higher: six EU member states depend… Read more »

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